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Product uses




We deliver products to our customers for the most diverse areas of application in every region in Germany as well as internationally. Our refrigerants and special gases have so many different uses as raw and operating materials, or as additives, that they have become indispensable in our daily lives.

Nowadays, we find refrigerants used in fridges and freezers in practically every household. The contents of drinks machines are kept fresh through the use of our products. Ice rinks and snow slopes are cooled with environmentally friendly refrigerants from our plants and are essential when it comes to ice skating or playing ice hockey and other winter sports on artificial surfaces.

Our special gases are also the primary products used in the manufacture of credit cards, smartphones, computers, cycling helmets and many other products used in daily life. In medical technology, they are used to manufacture drugs. They play an important role in the production of composite materials, such as the rotor blades for wind power plants. Our special gases are used to finish surfaces during the production of surfaces and components that come under a large amount of mechanical strain. An example of this is the paddle wheels of hydraulic turbines, which are used to generate energy at hydroelectric power plants.

To achieve higher capacities and faster Internet connections, telecommunications companies are swapping their copper cables for fibre optic – our materials are also used in the production of these high-tech products. Moreover, our special gases are used as a fuel to power telecommunications satellites.