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Code of Conduct




For more than 100 years, GHC Gerling, Holz & Co. Handels GmbH, GHC in short, has been run as a medium-sized family company according to the principles of the honourable Hanseatic merchants. Building on this tradition, dependability and fairness in our dealings with all members of staff, business partners and the public are central to our actions. We believe we have an obligation to maintain and develop the company sustainably for future generations.

The trust of our business partners, customers, staff and the public are crucial to the success and reputation of GHC. Professionalism, competence and a strong sense of responsibility for our actions form the basis for the safety and protection of people and the environment as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Responsible and law abiding conduct has always been part of our corporate culture. Every one of our employees is obliged to comply with this. With this in mind, our corporate principles aim to clarify the common objectives and values of our company. They describe the requirements and standards of our actions and are binding for everyone working for the company.


As well as compliance with national and international rules and regulations, our responsibility also encompasses obligations extending beyond these.

We put equality into practice and protect the dignity and privacy of every individual. We oppose discrimination of any kind. Our senior staff in particular are assigned the function of role models here; we expect a high level of ethical and social competence from them.

Our mutual interaction in the working environment is characterised by fairness and respect. We communicate sincerely and dependably. We expect loyalty and confidentiality from our employees when handling information.

In order to improve the quality of our services and increase the security of our business, all employees are invited to recognise weaknesses and potentials for improvement and to inform their supervisors or plant officers.

GHC focuses on transparency with regard to its products and operational activities in order to create trust among the authorities and the public.

Safety and Environmental Protection

The safety of our plant has the highest priority for GHC in order to prevent harm to persons, the environment and property. The protection of health and the environment as well as the economical use of resources are not only a corporate duty for GHC but also prerequisites for our efficiency and competitiveness and the continuation of the company.

Compliance with all statutory and corporate safety regulations is imperative for the safety of our operations as well as the protection of people and the environment from adverse effects. Technical and organisational measures are therefore the focus of planning, setting up and operating our plant using the latest safety technology. Every employee ensures safety in their sphere of responsibility and working environment through proactive, responsible actions. Employees are trained, appointed, instructed and supervised accordingly.

The release of substances and breaches of safety regulations and operating licences are prevented in all circumstances. Our objective is to detect safety gaps and continue improving our safety standards. If there are any disruptions to the operation of our plant in accordance with the regulations, however, the effects on the environment and the surrounding area are kept to a minimum by an alarm and hazard prevention plan that is always kept up to date. Staff are trained regularly with regard to procedures in the event of disruptions in cooperation with external hazard prevention agencies.


GHC has acquired competence in all kinds of gases over the last 100 years. Our customers can therefore expect GHC to supply them with high-quality products that are fit for purpose as well as customer-friendly service in terms of advice, delivery and handling of our products.

GHC’s objective is continuous improvement in the quality of the products and service. To achieve this, the company acts in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 quality standard on the initiative and with the support of management.

Dealings with Business Partners and Third Parties

We impress our customers with the quality of our products and services. Suppliers and service providers are always selected on the basis of objective and reasonable criteria. GHC’s primary aim is good, long-lasting cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Our business relations are based on statutory provisions and are supplemented by internal policies. To protect business integrity, GHC is committed to the strict separation of business relations and private interests. GHC employees refrain from activities or actions that could bring them into a conflict of interest or impede the fulfilment of their official duties.

Fair Competition

GHC regards free and fair competition to be the prerequisite for efficiency and economic development and thus the basis of corporate success.

We do not work with partners who act unlawfully. We oppose price fixing and other agreements that restrict competition. GHC has introduced action guidelines for employees in order to comply with all provisions relating to cartel legislation and competition laws.

Financial Reporting and Handling Information

GHC attaches high importance to proper and diligent accounting and financial reporting. Every employee is responsible for the accuracy of written documents and public statements.

Trade secrets and other information are to be treated as confidential and protected from third party access. Together, we ensure the protection of our intellectual and physical property and that of our business partners.

Observance and application of the corporate principles

Our corporate principles contain standards which are substantiated and elaborated on in the company-specific manual, procedural and work instructions. One prerequisite for GHC's high quality and safety standard is qualified employees. Their skills are adapted to progressive technical and economic development and documented.

Every GHC employee is expected to act responsibly and lawfully. Compliance with these principles is monitored. In the event of breaches of laws, GHC takes suitable steps in line with the applicable legislation.

No legal claims may be derived from these corporate principles.

The Directors
May 2017