Boron trichloride 3.0

Boron trichloride (BCl3, Boron chloride, Trichloroborane)
Very toxic, incombustible gas, irritating to the skin and mucosa. Does not corrode
metals when dry. Baron trichloride is decomposed by water to give hydrochloric acid
and boric acid. Baron trichloride can be manufactured directly from the elements
ch/orine and boron at 973 K (700 °C). Baron trichloride is produced industrially by
reduction of borax or boron trioxide with carbon or bitumen, followed by reaction
with chlorine.
Baron trichloride is used in the chemical industry as an intermediate in the synthesis
of boranes, berate esters and other boro-organic compounds. lt is also used as a
polymerisation catalyst and for doping semiconductors.
However its main area of use is in metallurgy, where boron trichloride is used to
remove nitrides, oxides and carbides from malten metals and to markedly improve
quality in the aluminium casting process. Baron trichloride is also used as a brazing
aid for aluminium alloys, steel, zinc and monel.
The gas must be dry when filled into containers, i.e. the dewpoint of the packed gas
must be less than 263 K (-10 °C).

Chemical formula: BCl3

Valve fitting according DIN 477: Nr. 8, NF-J (manually); DISS634 (pneumatic); Nr. 8

Gas cylinder size: 5,0 kg, 8,5 kg, 14,0 kg, 61,5 kg